Cordata is the largest and fastest growing neighborhood in Bellingham. The Cordata Neighborhood is situated in the northern area of the City and is bordered by Meridian Street to the east, West Bakerview Road to the south, and extends to the City limits to the north, west and southwest.

The Cordata Neighborhood was formed in 2010 when the boundaries of the Meridian and Guide Meridian/Cordata Neighborhoods were redrawn to acknowledge the area’s changing character, environment and demographics. Such factors leading to these changes included the increase in residential development and population, presence of Whatcom Community College, the concentration of professional commercial, institutional and industrial uses along Cordata Parkway, and the area’s close proximity to one of Bellingham’s regional commercial areas within the adjacent Meridian Neighborhood.

The Cordata Neighborhood contains a variety of land use zoning designations consisting of Public and Planned: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional. Development within these designations is regulated under the Cordata Business Park Planned Unit Development (PUD) and the City’s Land Use Development Code, which identifies the development and design standards needed to preserve and protect the character and qualities of the neighborhood area.


We are so proud of our two new parks in Cordata. Julianna Park is a park/trail that provides a lovely experience to walk a quiet tree-lined trail that starts on June Road and winds its way to Meadowbrook. 

Cordata Park is our new Community Park located off Cordata Parkway south of the Horton roundabout. This 25-acre park includes something for everyone. We have a full array of playground equipment including a parkour course, water splash area, musical tools, and a bike pump course. For a quieter experience, you can walk, run, or bike across a mile of meadows and bridges adorned with more than 14,000 trees, shrubs, and ground cover.


The City of Bellingham, in particular the Cordata community, is committed to adding to our current map of trails and trail connections. We hope to complete a system of trails that connect the Cordata parks, Whatcom Community College, the Bear Creek Open Space, and the Queen and King Mountain communities. We are excited to see our community expand the full range of safe and enjoyable trails for hikers, walker, and bikers of all ages.

Whatcom Community

Whatcom Community College (WCC) is a regionally and nationally accredited college with an accomplished faculty and staff who serve nearly 11,000 students annually. On its 72-acre campus in Bellingham, Wash., and through online courses, Whatcom offers transfer degrees, professional-technical training programs, as well as basic education, job skills, and Community & Continuing Education classes. According to the Aspen Institute (2016), WCC is rated among the top nine community and technical colleges in the state and recognized as one of the leading community colleges in the nation. Established in 1967, Whatcom has been accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities since 1976.

Other Community Neighbors


Our public schools include the Cordata Elementary School located at 2020 Aldrich Lane. The Middle School is Shuksan Middle School located at 2717 Alderwood Avenue and the high school serving Codata students is the Meridian High School located at 194 West Laurel Road. As our area grows, school attendance areas may shift. Check with the school or district to confirm the school serving a specific area of Cordata.


Cordata Presbyterrian Church
400 Meadowbrook Court

Christ the King Church
4173 Guide Meridian

Bellingham Bible Church
4160 Northwest Drive

Iglesia de Restauracion para las Naciones
4767 Guide Meridian
(No website--360-383-7214)

Medical Facilities

Cordata has become a beacon for medical facilities. This is a partial list of the services to see to all our needs:

Peace Health Medical Group

SeaMar Bellingham Medical Clinic

Infusion Solutions

North Cascades Health & Rehabilitation Center

Quest Diagnostics

Silverado Bellingham Memory Care

Cordata Gallery

CNA PO Box 30061 Bellingham, WA 98228

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